To ensure best results, follow our care instructions and complete our client waiver upon booking.

Your comfort is important to us. When you walk into our studio, you have entered a safe, judgment-free zone. We like to say “what happens in the tanning room, stays in the tanning room.” When you arrive, your tanning technician will review your color and tanning solution options. We will then bring you into the tanning room and explain what to expect once we get started. Your tanning tech will then step out of the room while you undress, and will return to begin your session once you are ready.

In some cases prep spray may be needed prior to applying the tanning solution, if this is the case for you we will start by first applying prep spray to your skin. We apply the prep spray using a fine mist that will lightly coat your skin; you will then be given a washcloth to wipe the prep spray off.

Both the Extraction fan and the Airbrush gun will then be turned on and we will begin spraying you with the tanning solution. Be aware that the spray can feel cold, we will do our best to keep the room nice and warm for you.

After applying two coats of tanning solution to your skin, you will be dried off with warm air and dusted with our proprietary drying powder. Once finished, your tanning technician will step back out of the tanning room to give you a moment to get dressed. This whole process takes about 15 minutes.

Have any questions about Liquid Sunshine’s Airbrush Spray Tanning process?

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