Sun-Kissed, not Sun-Damaged: My Path to Safer Glow

"Born and raised in The Bay Area, sunshine is in my California DNA. Like many of us, I spent my younger years chasing a year-round tan. That golden glow came at a cost, though. A melanoma diagnosis served as a harsh wake-up call, shifting my mission to providing a safer path to the glow we crave.

My love for that healthy, sun-kissed look never faded, but my priorities did. My mission became clear: to offer a safe alternative for achieving that same radiant glow, without the risk. That's where Liquid Sunshine Airbrush Tanning comes in.

Since 2011 I have dedicated myself to mastering the artistry of sunless tanning, learning from the world's best and constantly evolving with the ever-changing sunless industry. My passion for product quality drives me to relentlessly source the finest, safest solutions. The result? Liquid Sunshine tans that are simply the BEST!

Today, I pour my heart and soul into every session. Seeing the joy and confidence that a healthy-looking tan brings is my greatest reward. It's more than just a service; it's about empowerment and reclaiming that sun-kissed feeling, safely.

So let's ditch the harmful rays and embrace a glow that's guilt-free and beautiful. Join me at Liquid Sunshine, and let's create your own sun-kissed story, one flawless tan at a time. Book your Airbrush spray tan and experience the Liquid Sunshine difference!"

— Shelley Bakke, Owner, Liquid Sunshine

Our Products and Process

Liquid Sunshine uses all natural, cruelty-free, vegan solutions that contain organically derived ingredients. Our solutions are free of sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, and gluten. Created with odor-eliminating technology, our solutions are infused with pure grade moisturizing botanicals and vitamins for even fade and longevity.

Liquid Sunshine uses a state-of-the-art triple filter extraction unit. Our extraction unit offers antimicrobial filtration as well as UV-C disinfecting lighting, the UV-C light works to eradicate airborne pathogens. This allows for exceptional customer comfort not only because the air is not full of solution overspray but also has antimicrobial and disinfecting capabilities.

Our handheld, high precision airbrush gun imported from Australia enables us to take airbrush tanning to the next level. The combination of our high quality equipment and top of the line products means we are able to achieve results that are just stunning.

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